Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Wrap Up

This has been a busy month! I haven't been this exhausted in a while, but it's been totally worth it and now I'm gearing up to be just as productive in May.


April's Writing News:

I got to announce my new book deal with Swoon Romance, an imprint of Month9books. Definitely the highlight of the month!

I also wrote TWO full length novels for my pen name. The first 2 weeks of May are being dedicated to the third book for that pen name's new series. So far the readers are loving it, so I'm happy with my 5000 word a day writing progress.

For the month of May, I'm planning to write the third book for my pen name, and then spend the next two weeks plotting out PYA- my newest WIP. Currently PYA stands for Perfect Young Adult book, an acronym Christina Channelle and I came up with since I don't have a running title for the book yet. You'll probably hear me talking about PYA a lot because I'm fairly obsessed with it.


Books I read in April:

Not a huge reading month, but I was so busy writing, it was a little hard to balance the two.

Fun other stuff:

CITY OF LEGENDS got to #473 in the entire Amazon store last weekend! This is the highest any of my books have ever ranked, so I'm pretty excited about it. 

SUPERCROSS ME was released into the wild! It's the sequel to my YA book, MOTOCROSS ME, and the reviews have been great so far. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

That's all for this month. Make sure to hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter to keep in touch and get up to date info on my writing progress!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

🏁It's SUPERCROSS ME Release day! 🏁

What people are saying:

"Hana's voice was just as relatable and funny as in the original, and the romance was very believable." - A. N. Willis, author of THE CORRIDOR.

" I truly enjoyed watching Hana step up to the plate with her family and watching her and Ash work things out. " - Cassandra Giovanna, Author

"Cheyanne has a gift of being able to create characters and throw you for a loop with them. You think you have them figured out and she makes sure you stay on your toes. I love that about her writing. You never know what to expect from them." - Amber, from Paradise of Pages

Hana thought that love was all she would need to get through a long distance relationship, but fame had another thing in mind when Ash Carter became the hottest rookie on the Supercross circuit. It’s been five months since Hana and Ash called it quits. They say it was mutual, but she’s not so sure about that now.

In an effort to cope with the overwhelming hurt of losing her first love, Hana has thrown herself into her work at Mixon Motocross Park. She’s now fluent in the world of dirt bikes, sparkling trophies, and checkered flags. She even has a game plan for dealing with Ash’s upcoming visit to his hometown: avoiding him completely.

When tragedy strikes Mixon Motocross Park, Hana is forced to choose between taking another easy way out or pushing through the pain to keep her new life, and job, afloat.

Everyone always said the motocross family was fun, but they never warned how badly it can hurt.

The Series
Book 1 - Motocross Me
Book 1.5 - Christmas at Mixon
Book 2 - Supercross Me

As a bonus, MOTOCROSS ME is free for this week only! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Announcing my new book deal with Swoon Romance

I am VERY excited to share my exciting news with you all! My newest YA book, BREAKUP SUPPORT GROUP, was sold to Georgia McBride at Swoon Romance! (An imprint of Month9books)

I may or may not have been refreshing Publisher's Marketplace to find my first official PM announcement this morning:

Isn't it pretty?
BREAKUP SUPPORT GROUP is a fun, heartwarming, heartbreaking, swoony, romance that I absolutely loved writing. More info will come later, but for now, you should check out the Pinterest inspiration board. I'm still adding stuff daily so check back!

               Follow Cheyanne's board BREAKUP SUPPORT GROUP Inspiration Board on Pinterest.  

Almost exactly one year ago, I got my first book deal for CITY OF LEGENDS and afterward I totally forgot to snap a photo of me signing my contract. NO worries! I remembered this time!

As soon as BREAKUP SUPPORT GROUP is added to Goodreads, I'll be spamming you guys with links for it, but for now you should follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and you'll stay up to date with all the fun book news!